NICOLETTE ZWARTKRUIS is a third generation designer in a line of

Dutch tailors. After graduating in Fashion Design, with the highest

marks, at the Academy of Arts St. Joost Breda in 1993, she worked

for several fashion & garment companies. During this time she

developed her specialized knowledge in knit- and menswear design

& development.


Since 2008 she has been working as a freelance designer for several

fashion and corporate businesses, allowing her to fine-tune her

concept design & art directing skills.


In 2012 she committed herself to Mikono knits, a CSR project in

Kenya, Africa. She helps this small knitting company by designing

items and giving the knitters in Kenya hands-on advice that helps to

improve their knitting skills.


Under personal statement she launched a label for interior designs

and a women’s T-shirt collection.


Beside all the serious business she is a great cook, an eager traveller
a "budding" florist and a blogger in absolutely unnecessary things(?).

For a comprehensive overview please link to LinkedIn.